The Wreckreator Compass


Natures continual restoration of the Universe's equilibrium is what drives evolution. It is the nature of the Universe to be in balance.

To ensure our own path in life is evolutionary and to aspire to maximise our true potential, we too must maintain the delicate balance between the 4 interior dimensions: Spiritual, Mental, Physical & Emotional.

When in harmony, we act from a centered place of strength that is in alignment with our authentic intentions, our higher self.

By going inwards and integrating habits of good mental and physical health, only then do we find balance.

The substantive results are aligned with natures basic evolution. Our actions become impeccable with clarity of purpose, we learn to focus with a strength of will and achieve a sense of self identity that nothing can subvert. We tap in to our higher consciousness.

Out of balance, we descend into darkness; Greyface, the shadow self, the lower self, self-sabotaging and destructive.

Here lies the internal perennial war between the forces of light and dark. But without opposing forces such as the friction from the battle between our higher and lower self, the contrast of light and dark, we would become stagnant, dormant, non-beings.

The body is in a constant state of flux, it is not a static structure. Those who are most dynamic, are those who balance the forces of light and dark within their own being, creatively using the shadow self.

The crusade for balance in this world of turbulence, paradox and chaos, is the Wreckreators path.



PERSONAL MASTERY | By exercising Will Power like a muscle, A Wreckreator is self-disciplined and not distracted by fear or anger. ENVIRONMENT | They are not at the mercy of their environment, they create their own from the knowledge that the outside reality is a reflection of the inner reality.



ACTS OF KINDNESS | When they live in alignment with their highest ideals, they intuitively work for the greater good. LEGACY | Intuition is beyond logic and boundaries, therefore they exist outside the conventional world and their lifes work becomes an inspirational legacy.



EXERCISE | A Wreckreator cultivates physical well-being through regular exercise. NUTRITION | And through well-informed, good nutrition.



RELATIONSHIPS | They realise that at the deepest level, we are all one. PLAYTIME | They allow moments of joy to be their foundation and are grounded in present moment awareness.

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The Way of The Wreckreator Compass

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

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