A Stand


High octane from the very beginning.
Motorsport. It’s an obsession.
The Sound, the smell, the colours, the energy.
It triggers something which incites me to create.

As do the works of Goethe, Jung, Nietzsche, etc.
Their theories, the victorious stories of characters with great strength who stand up for what they believe in and live their ideals. Those whose goal is to create positive change, the architects of the future who set no limits, who bravely step out from the sidelines, those who defy rules and question authority.

I aim to give these ideas a new form.

Some artists use paint as their medium.

I use clothes.


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The Way of


Learn about our company values, how to care for your garments and repairs.



Care & Repair

We are not disposable and our clothes shouldn’t be either.



We make everything in-house, in our studio in the North East of England, on our turbo-charged, industrial sewing machines.

We design, create the patterns, sample the garments, re-design, source the fabric and trims, sample the fabrics, sample the seams, cut the fabric, stitch the garments, lovingly package them and ship them out, all from our studio.

And it’s all made to order, we have no surplus stock. This helps to greatly eliminate waste and ensures we are being as sustainable and ethically responsible, as we can be.

It also means each garment is slightly different. As it has been meticulously hand-crafted from start to finish, it has a unique, individual quality to it. You can bet that no one else in the world has one quite like it.

We’re an independent label. Which means we are lucky enough to have full control over what we do. We pioneer our own style, rather than adhering to industry trends. It also means we can align our work to our values.

Take a look at The Way Of Wreckreation for our philosophical views and The Story for why WRECKREATION came into existence.