The Way of




1. A defiant stand against the status quo

Mediocrity is self-inflicted. It’s a compromise of potential. With raw determination and strength of character, we will become the architects of our future. We will bravely step out from the line of uniformity and pave our own way in this world. We will set no limits on our boundless potential. Like a force of nature, we will become what we always could be.

2. The line beyond your comfort zone

Existing beyond the world of convention, where we have broken the shackles of conditioning, so we can step forward into growth. The line beyond our comfort zone is where the magic happens: breaking moulds, crossing lines, raising standards, shattering limits.

3. Always questioning the answers

We question archaic rules which do not serve our advancement. Just because everyone else does something, doesn’t mean we should too. And just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for us. So we write our own rules. Until they stop working. Then we re-write them. Again.

4. Forging our own path, not following

Our aim is to be a leader in pioneering new styles rather than adhering to industry trends. That’s why we will remain vertically integrated; in-house production means we have full creative control. We choose to create each garment with great care, reducing our environmental impact. We don’t need to send or receive from overseas, which in turn, heightens our efficiency. Our business model is one which we designed ourselves. Disregarding certain aspects of the fashion industry we saw harmful, because it’s the right thing to do. Made on demand, created to last and not disposable, is to respect our planet and the individual.

5. Transcending limitations by using the imagination

We have the boldness to set no limits on the workings of the imagination. We will create our own opportunities and do what has never been done before. We revere the revelation that there exists no problem that cannot be solved by creativity. Never will we lose our imagination in favour of codes and conducts. Otherwise we become doomed to a world of repetition and stagnation, denying ourselves the opportunity to reach our full potential. We are limitless! This is what they should really be teaching in schools.

6. A Love Affair

Love is a super power. It’s the only thing that truly matters. To quote Faith No More, ‘We Care A Lot.’ To vibrate on this wavelength whilst creating, is to cultivate a material reflection of this within all of our products. This results in exceptionally high quality and even higher standards. Unlike the items lined up on a conveyor belt, it gives depth and meaning behind each individual item we make. Our products become superlative and not comparative. Spread the love.

7. Having the courage to live our virtues

We are those who fight for what we believe is right and stand up for what we believe in, aligning our actions with our highest intentions. We bring our values into existence, first through thought, then into material form. We do not disconnect the values of our minds from the actions we take.

8. A Supercharged drive to evolve

We will always be a work in progress, ever evolving and progressing in our mind-set and our work. This may equate to incorporating new, innovative fabrics which are better for the environment or reassessing our sustainability strategy. Our promise to you and our planet, is that we will always be re-evaluating where we can do better and what more we can do. Got suggestions? Get in touch.

9. Commanding the art of self-discipline

We cultivate physical well-being through regular exercise and good nutrition, as we believe fitness to be the foundation on which a higher living can be built. This is the holistic approach we take to both well-being and productivity. Healthier people perform at a higher level, have greater mental clarity, greater energy levels, better quality of sleep, minimised risk of ‘dis-ease’… We will always encourage a healthy lifestyle. And self-responsibility is a virtue we aim to live by.

10. For the creators; not the created

We create out of the depths of our imagination. Therefore we always look forward to the future and do not become stale and stagnant by being stuck in the past with repetitive fashions, or with whatever is in vogue. We stand for advancement. We’re for the ones who question authority, smash archaic rules, for those who have broken free from the collective mind; they are the ones who will inevitably become the change-makers. We are for the few. Not the many.

11. An unconquerable desire to be true to ourselves

We stopped waiting for permission to be our authentic selves, so we could shine so bright, we ignite the spark in others too. We had the courage to overcome resistance. (We have so many stories we could tell you about this.) But these obstacles became mere opportunities for creativity to flourish. Now there’s no need for approval. What others think, will never hold us or our creativity, hostage.

12. Liberating the boundaries that limit our perspective and understanding

All boundaries are constructed in the mind. We stay open minded by not being a prisoner of our perception. It is our firm belief never to hold a firm belief because closely defined systems of any kind invariably become obstacles to advancement.

13. Rising to our highest potential

A command to rise to one’s highest potential. The best and noblest vision of ourselves comes from being connected with our true self and being centered with total clarity of awareness, so we can ensure our path in life is evolutionary. This is not asking for perfection, but doing our best to grow. Otherwise we are depriving life of a contribution that only we can make.

14. Never conforming to fit in

We will bulldoze barriers and diminish stereotypes to be our own kind of hero. We run from labels and definitions. We don’t need to be pigeon-holed to know who we are. Here’s to those who will not be tamed.

15. Embracing change

Change is the nature of the mind. We can’t grow, evolve and be our best if we face change with dogmatic inflexibility. Instead we look change in the face and become comfortable with uncertainty, not fearful of the future, as we ourselves are in a constant state of transformation.

16. Unleashing the phenomenal power within

We aim to possess a self-identity that nothing can subvert, proving we can be anything we want to be. Integrity is the true source of our power. There are no ropes strong enough to keep our spirit bound.

17. The coalescence of Will Power and Focus

We live in a world of distractions. Procrastination is the new black. But when we liberate our will power, we can activate our ideas with focus and consistent action, to achieve our goals and pursue our calling. Thus becoming master of our existence.


A deep respect for every living thing, including our planet, and for those whose chosen way of life is different from our own. It’s that simple.

19. Endorsing Playtime as a Necessity

When we stopped taking life so seriously, we saw that it didn’t have to be the straight-jacket affair that many subscribe to. Taking time to have fun, to laugh, to dance, to go on spontaneous adventures. This makes space for new ideas to be born. It allows for clarity, for the right and left hemispheres of the brain to interact. And that is why we’ve made it compulsory. We are constantly in a state of adventure.

20. Stepping out from the Sidelines

Being on the sidelines is indecisive. It’s mediocre. It doesn’t lead to anywhere other than the faded realms of the undistinguished. It creates for a divided, fragmented mind. And it causes inner conflict. Therefore we will live out of our hearts, we will go full speed towards our pursuit and we will make it our North Star.